About Us

Munir Sukhtian International Holding



Munir Sukhtian International (MSI) is a diversified holding company, with subsidiaries operating in the sectors of:


•  Telecommunications

•  Contract management

•  Agricultural

•  Information Technology

•  Healthcare

•  Electromechanical Works

•  Office Automation

•  Pharmaceutical

•  Security Systems


Our companies operate globally and maintain an active presence in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America . MSI builds on the strong heritage of the Munir Sukhtian Group in Jordan and its strategic partners; Astra Group in Saudi Arabia and NOUR USA in the United States. MSI's vision is to continue to build upon its impressive track record of performance and portfolio of investments worldwide, in order to develop globally competitive private sector businesses. Whether it is governments, corporations or consumers, MSI's portfolio of companies are market leaders providing goods and services of the highest quality and value. We build strong and productive global presence while giving back to communities in which our employees have the means to contribute, the opportunity to learn, and the chance to serve.


The Inception of MSI:


Munir Sukhtian International represents the joint venture among Munir Sukhtian 's sons; Mr. Ghiath M. Sukhtian and Mr. Munjed M. Sukhtian. MSI is the holding company for all the shareholders' joint international businesses insdie and outside Jordan and Palestine . Mr. Munjed Sukhtian is the Chairman of MSI.


Company's History:


The company's history began when Mr. Munir Sukhtian bought a neighborhood pharmacy in Tulkarm, Palestine in 1933 from his father. The late Mr. Munir Sukhtian , a pharmacist with a degree from the American University of Beirut , created a solid foundation for dynamic expansion into a manufacturing, trading, marketing, distribution company with two branches in Nablus and Amman under the name Sukhtian Drug Stores. This forward-looking entrepreneur successfully turned his pharmacy into a leading wholesale pharmaceuticals and cosmetics organization.


After the passing of Mr. Munir Sukhtian in 1960, the company continued to be run by his associates and assistants until gradually his three sons took over the management of the business in the mid 1960's. Since then, the company has grown into the multidisciplinary regional concern which has become a Group today.

Currently MSI operates in three sectors: telecommunications contracting and operating and information technology; pharmaceuticals manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and agricultural inputs manufacturing and distribution and contract management for the private and government sectors.


For more information about the companies and the extent of proliferation of our Group's activities, please visit the perspective companies' websites.